Nutcase gets Motorized

Nutcase is very excited to offer our motorized friends a line of DOT-certified helmets, coming in Spring 2014.  We think you’re going to love the graphics on these.  The helmets will come not only with Nutcase’s signature style, but with a strong chinstrap and ratcheting buckle, a cool face shield and the opportunity to accessorize.  All Moto helmets will have the DOT FMVSS No. 218 Safety Standard for Motorcycle Helmets.

“Super coolest designs on the market.” – Scott K
“My Classic Moto helmet fits perfectly…and I love it!” – Shawn W
“I can’t wait to see the helmets!  I get so many compliments on mine!” – Melissa B
“You guys make the coolest helmets!” – Jenn D
‘I’d love to buy one of your Moto helmets for scooters!” – Colleen W
“When will your Moto helmets be available for purchase? I want one!” – Bill G
“Rad.” – Brian T

The Americana is just a sample of what you can expect…