• Rediscovering Biking in Your 80s

    Andrea Learned is a climate action communications strategist and writer, with a 30 year history of city biking while living in places like Portland, OR, Burlington, VT and now, Seattle, WA.  An avid fan of Nutcase, she reached out to us this year to share the inspirational story of her father who... View Post
  • Share the Love

    Helmets have played a huge role in James “Jimmy Jam” Durham’s life. In 2011 James suffered a traumatic brain injury from a severe motorcycle crash. He credits his helmet to saving his life. While recovering he wore a skateboarding helmet for months to protect his skull after having a large bone f... View Post
  • Nutcase's New Ad Campaign

    When you crack open issue #45 of Bicycle Times, the very first thing you’ll see is a dapper lion trying with all of his might to mow down on a gladiator as he pedals to safety. This whimsical ad is part of a new campaign designed by the fine folk at The Community,  a global creative agency that b... View Post