2018 Unframed Artist Submission Contest

Helmet Art Competition

International Call for Art!

Your art on thousands of heads across the globe. 

Submit your helmet design concept below. If you are chosen, you will collaborate with Nutcase on a helmet graphic all the way to final production files and be awarded $500!   
For inspiration check out our past winners and find out more about Nutcase Unframed on our Unframed Story page.  
To participate, please download the Helmet Design Template on which you can create your design concept (analog or digital artwork). Designs must be submitted in the form below.  Please also include your portfolio. Entries for the 5th annual call for artists need to be received no later than October 15th, 2017. 

Artist will be selected by Nutcase at Nutcase’s sole discretion. Finalists will be asked to participate in a phone interview. Submissions in and of themselves do not represent any value for compensation and will not be returned. Nutcase reserves the right to use submitted designs for marketing purposes, but will not use original imagery for product development without permission of artist. Nutcase will own rights to chosen design as well as all iterations of design including final production design. Award will be paid upon delivery of final production files. Artist may be asked to participate in at least one event, expenses paid. Nutcase is not responsible for any taxes or other applicable local fees.


Please direct any further inquiries to msinnott@nutcasehelmets.com